"The House is on Fire!"
With his piece KutzKutz drew inspiration from Greta Thunberg’s speech at the UN Climate Action Summit. With this project he wanted to imagine and design these objects we all have in our homes in a future where our planet was so hot everything is melting. 

KutzKutz is an Art Director, Dj, Gallery owner, and part time artist based out of Vienna, Austria. In exchange for money he designs shiny things that people look at on their computers and phones. In his free time you’ll find him dropping bangers behind the turntables, making plans for his radio show to launch in 2020, designing his own furniture, and sometimes even sleeping. Most recently he told his story to the world in an intimate exhibition which is on permanent display in the walls of his Vorraum inside his apartment, called Never Come Down. A lot of the times KutzKutz has no idea what he is doing. But, in life, sometimes just doing is enough.


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